Mt. Olive Shores North

Gated RV Community featuring RV Residential Homes & RV Pads

Your New Home Base

There’s nothing quite as freeing as the RV lifestyle. The ability to go anywhere, any time — and experience things some people only read about — are just a few of the perks. But when you’re not on the open road, where do you call home? And while you’re there, why should you have to pay for both your mortgage/rent and RV storage?

At Mt. Olive Shores North (MOSN), we know that your RV is an extension of the way you live your life. In fact, we’re all RVers. That’s why we’re dedicated to welcoming you to this 55+ RV neighborhood — the likes of which you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. A gated, luxury, community of like-minded friends and neighbors. People who become extended family, who live the same active lifestyle you do, and are always up for the call of adventure.

Welcome to your new home base. Welcome to Mt. Olive Shores North.


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There are as many things to do here as there are people to share them with at MOSN.


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"Fantastic RV/housing community. Beautiful homes, pools, clubhouses, landscaping, and friendly residents"
Marklyn Cotter

Neighborhood Details

Mt. Olive Shores North is a luxury community, full of RV-focused homes. Our residents choose us to have a home base in Florida, one of the most popular states for 55+ residents and retirees nationwide.

Our expansive property is located in Polk City, tucked away in the very heart of the state. Although our surrounding area is peaceful and quiet, our centralized location makes traveling anywhere in Florida convenient and fun!

In addition to the countless activities and adventures to be found in the Sunshine State, our residents also choose Florida for our favorable tax laws — reasonable property tax rates and no income tax.

So come explore — we can’t wait to welcome you home.