Mt. Olive Shores North II Newsletter

MOSNegret2Mt. Olive Shores North II Newsletters

Mt. Olive Shores North II (Phases 4, 5 and 6) publish a seasonal newsletter. The newsletter contains information that keeps MOSN II property owners informed of the “happenings” in MOSN.  The newsletter content includes, but not limited to, information on recent Board of Directors meetings, new construction, property renovations, new property owners, travel by residents, social event updates and much more. The newsletter keeps property owners who are not permanent residents in MOSN informed on what is transpiring in the development as they travel or have a second residence.


Click on the links below to view the MOSN II Newsletters. 


MOSN II Spring 2019 Newsletter

                                                           MOSN II Winter 2019 Newsletter

MOSN II Fall 2018 Newsletter

MOSN II Spring 2018 Newsletter

MOSN II Winter 2018 Newsletter

MOSN II Fall 2017 Newsletter

MOSN II Summer 2017 Newsletter

MOSN II Spring 2017 Newsletter

MOSN II Winter 2017 Newsletter

MOSN II Fall 2016 Newsletter


The On-site Contact: MOSN REALTY – 863-984-2880