Having Fun – Mt. Olive Shores North

 Having Fun – Mt. Olive Shores North – An RV Community

Having fun in Mt. Olive Shores North, an RV community, is a place where there is something going on all the time – both on and off site.  As visitors to the site, you may have been to the Amenities Page and the Photo Gallery Page to get a flavor of the fun times in MOSN.  This page is offered so that you can learn even more about some of the special events and regular activities that occur in MOSN as well as off site that make it a special gated RV community.

The few special events of interest shown below – Chili Tasting, Arts & Crafts, Auto Show, Soup Night, Out-of-Area Cycling, Creative Coach Dinner, Thanksgiving Dinner, Winter Garden Bike Fest – are but a few of the fun things that happen when joining MOSN.

Click on the identified photo to launch the movie/slidehow of the event.


Party Hosts

Creative Coach Dinner

Craft Show

Arts & Craft Show

Auto Show

Auto Show


Chili Tasting

Soup Night

Soup Night



2013 Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner







2014 Winter Garden Bike Fest

Winter Garden Bike Fest










Cycling is very big in MOSN.  Take a look at the video in the links below to see some of the cycling activities.  You will find road bikes, two wheeled recumbents and trikes in abundance in MOSN.  With the Van Fleet Trail so near, MOSN is a great spot for cycling enthusiasts.


The On-site Contact: MOSN REALTY – 863-984-2880